Sex Myths We Don´t Want To Hear Anymore

Alexandra Alexe

Posted on February 18 2019

Sex Myths We Don´t Want To Hear Anymore



Some sex myths have been out there for quite some time and we had enough. Plastic wrap to get protected? Really? Let’s put these sex myths to bed.

1. DIY condoms when you´re out

People have really used items like sandwich bags and plastic wrap as forms of protection. These DIY condoms can quickly rip, slide off, and do not protect against transmitted sexual diseases. The role of a condom is to protect you from diseases. Do yourself a favor and always have your condom stock close to hand.

2. Can’t get pregnant in the pool

It does not matter where you are having sex, if you are not well protected, you are at risk of getting pregnant. Only because you are in water doesn’t suggest the conditions change.

3. Condoms are not fun

There are many different kinds of condoms, including ones made to increase the pleasure for both men and women. Try them and choose out which feels the best for you!

4. Safe on your period

Doesn´t matter what time of the month it is, you can still get pregnant if you are not protected. The chances are less, of course, but always at risk.

5. Not safe if you´re “Pulling out”

Pulling out does not prevent you from getting pregnant at all; you are entirely at risk. If you have a companion and you have been using the pull out method, think the past experiences lucky and never do it again. Save yourself the pressure of something you don’t want to happen and get appropriately protected.

What other sex myths are you tired of hearing? Share in the comments below!

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