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One Piece - Timeless and elegant

Posted on 05 January 2017

One Piece - Timeless and elegant

Not so long ago one-piece bikinis were considered conservative; something that the older woman and those without ‘perfect bodies’ would wear. Something to be worn if you have not been to the gym for some time and you have to go to the beach. Something mothers should wear pre and post childbirth should they get invited to a pool party and they need a bikini. They served as stopgap measures of some sort to help ladies deal with their temporary ‘body issues’ before they revert to the traditional two-piece bikinis once they bodies are toned and ‘perfect’.
But that is not the case anymore. One piece bikinis have evolved to become fun and functional pieces adored by both young and old. Thanks to creative designs, cut-outs and the use of bold floral prints, one-piece bikinis are now the most sought after beachwear clothing. They provide adequate coverage and at the same time accentuate your curves. High cut designs show just the right amount of skin for a flattering look. With such a bikini you are sure that it won’t fall off the minute you take a dive into the water. They are also cute enough to be worn all day long and you can easily pair them with a high waist skirt and a pair of sunglasses and transition to a date with your friends or boyfriend.

At Bikini N Waves we stock the best one-piece bikinis designed to flatter the different body types. Our designs include backless, high-rise, Brazilian, high waist, plus-size and padded models. Our bikinis are made using the best material such as lycra, cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex and acrylic for added comfort and flexibility. Those looking to keep it simple can opt for bikinis with solid colors and not-so-over-the-top graphics while the bold and daring have options such as the backless and high-rise bikinis. Plus-size women can choose from a collection of perfectly-fitting and padded bikinis that keep everything in place as you swim or lounge.

Things to consider when buying One Piece Swimsuits

The key to finding the right one-piece bikini for you is fit, body type and personality. Ill-fitting bikinis are just gross. They don’t hold everything in place and the keep falling off. Only buy bikinis that fit you perfectly. This necessitates knowing your size and buying bikinis in that size only.

Understanding your body type helps you find a bikini that highlights your plus areas and conceals your minuses. Short girls should get high-rise bikinis that show lots of leg to create the illusion of tallness. Those with a small bust should get bikinis that are slightly padded to create the illusion of fullness. Ladies with large busts should seek bikinis with extra support to hold everything in place.

As concerns personality, you should get a bikini that matches your personal taste. Those who are free and wild-spirited can pick from a selection of high-cut and backless one-piece bikinis. Those who are a little bit shy can wear those that provide a lot more coverage.

Read further to understand the different types of one-piece bikinis that we stock and get those that suit you perfectly. 


Styles of One Piece Swimsuits


The fabric used to make this type of one-piece bikini is thicker and it goes around the neck. It provides added grip and support and this makes it ideal for women with large busts.


A little piece of fabric connects the top piece to the bottom piece. The front belly area is covered but the sides are left open. The width of the piece of fabric used to connect the top and bottom varies depending on the bikini.


The back area is usually exposed to reveal more skin. This design hugs the body tightly for a firm hold.


Designed to be worn by plus-sized women. Slightly padded at the bust area for added support.

Cut out

Sections of the bikini are cut out to reveal more skin. Such bikini is usually very sexy.


The bottom is shaped like a thong. It provides the least amount of coverage of all the one-piece bikinis that we stock.


The waistline to this bikini lies just below the belly button or slightly above it.


One Piece Swimsuits bring out the diva in you. Our goal at BIKINI N’ WAVES is to make you feel sexy and confident every time you step out. Try our awesome One Piece Swimsuits today and enhance your style and personality.

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