The Secret European Paradise - Why Visit Malta?

Alexandra Alexe

Posted on October 24 2018

The Secret European Paradise - Why Visit Malta?
Check out this beautiful blog on Why Visit Malta through the eyes of our Brand Blogger - Mia Vickery!

'' Usually, if someone were to ask me where I am from and I reply with ‘Malta’, they would probably nod and pretend to know what that is or smile in surprise that I’m from such a tiny island from the Mediterranean, yet I speak fluent English. However, Malta has been growing with tourist popularity these past couple of years and now has been voted the number one place to visit this summer! You’re probably wondering why though? Well, being a local, I can tell you all the best places to visit because I have been everywhere on this island.


History and Culture

We may be little as an island but have surely gone through a lot of history, during the war we had many cultures crossing our land and docking in our ports. If you want to discover some history and to see beautiful artifacts go to Valletta, which is our capital. We have many art and history exhibitions, along with plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. If your ideal day consists of a leisurely stroll through history, then you could also go to Mdina, It used to be our capital and is known as the ‘silent city’.


 The Weather

This is normally the main attraction, the hot and sizzling weather which usually starts from around May! I have to warn you that mid-summer is not the most glamorous time to visit, I wouldn’t even bother packing any makeup because the humidity will be sure to sweat it off. My recommendation would be to come in July.


The Beaches

Of course, what’s the point in having hot weather and not knowing where to sunbathe? I must admit that the beaches are crawling with people in summer, but there’s plenty of space for everyone. My favorite sandy beaches are mostly up North of the island which includes Ghajn Tuffieha, Golden Bay and Mellieha Bay. Although, if you are more into rock formations you should definitely check out St. Peters pool up South. We also have a sister island called Gozo which has less tourist infested beaches and you can take a boat up to Blue Lagoon where the water is Cristal clear turquoise - so beautiful!


Beach clubs

If your not much of a sandy or rock formation person, or looking for somewhere you can sip your cocktail in more comfort, then we have plenty of beach clubs. My tops picks are Medasia Playa, Pearl Beach and my all time favorite is Cafe del Mar. There is usually an entrance free but you have the luxury of sunbeds, pools, music, cocktails and delicious food. If you want to know about Cafe del Mar, I’ve written a post on it already on my blog.


Night Life

There is no doubt about it that us Maltese love to party. That means that there are always events going on, especially throughout summer. Our main ‘club life’ area is in Paceville, there are free clubs and bars worth checking out but I’d definitely be looking out for events. Events bring well known Dj’s to the island such as Annie Mac for lost and found (never disappoints) to our biggest clubs such as GianpulaNumero Uno, Aria and Cafe del Mar, and sometimes we have boat party editions. 

There’s always something going on on this island, doesn't matter what your interests are. I love my island so much because she is beautiful from the core and our nationality is what makes us unique as people. If you respect that, we will show you all there is to see.''

Brand Blogger - Mia Vickery


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