Travel Essentials That We Can’t Live Without

Alexandra Alexe

Posted on January 20 2019

Travel Essentials That We Can’t Live Without



Whether you’re off for a staycation or jet-setting away to island life; you need to be prepared. We all wish we could pack away our entire bathroom cabinets, but realistically speaking; we’re never going to actually use any of it and luggage weight limits will forever be the bane of our existence. When it comes to traveling you want a care-free and simple packing process. A few essentials you can’t live without that you can pack away in your carry-on along with all your worries. It really does only take a few core beauty products to keep you feeling glam and your skin protected all vacay long!




Before we go any further, you need to pack the core essential of your entire trip; what you’re going to swim and lounge about in!  Nothing quite beats the comfort of spending entire days in a bikini, simply alternating between cover ups.

That is why it’s important that you pick one that is the perfect fit for your body. You need to find one that while flattering, feels comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time. Whether a two piece or one piece, make sure to personalize it to your needs!

*This bikini set is available in Brown, Burgundy, Blue and Army Green. Check it out!


Makeup Remover

Nothing can be as much of a buzzkill as breaking out while on holiday. You’re not looking to be feeling insecure or to spend ages trying to pop a pimple or cover it up. The best thing you can do to avoid any breakouts is to make sure you pack some form of makeup remover or cleanser.

Cleansing your skin every morning and night and making sure there’s no trace of makeup or oils left is going to ensure that your skin stays fresh-feeling and glowing!



More often than not, you’re traveling off to somewhere where the weather is hot and the drinks are cold. The last thing you want is to wake up the second day with a sunburn that’s going to dampen the mood for the rest of your trip. You don’t want to spend your time away slathering on aloe vera and dreading the pain of wearing clothes.

SPF is an absolute must for traveling. Even in colder weather, you should always make sure to wear SPF on your skin to avoid any possible UV damage. Kill two birds with one stone and get a tinted SPF so you don’t have to worry about makeup!


Tinted Moisturizer

Speaking of makeupTinted moisturizers will be your new best friend when it comes to traveling. They can give you just the right amount of coverage without appearing or feel too heavy on the skin. You can fake effortlessly flawless skin without feeling like you have too much on.

The right tinted moisturizer, like NARS’ Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, can even be built up to give you a more medium coverage for any special events or nights out!



There’s nothing a little highlighter can’t elevate. Popping a bit of highlighter onto the high points of your face will instantly give you that holiday glow you’re hoping to work on while you’re there!

Highlighter can really add a bit of glam to any look, and it can even double as an eyeshadow for a night out.


Waterproof Mascara

Lastly, but certainly not least, comes the product that’s going to put your entire look together. Instead of fussing about with liquid eyeliners or eyeshadow palettes, a brush of mascara is really all you need to open up your eyes and give them an extra twinkle.

It’s best to stick to waterproof eyeliner to avoid sweating it out. Especially if you’d like to wear it throughout the day; no one wants to emerge from the pool with panda eyes!



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